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The Gift Of Love (1958) DVD

Starring: Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack, Evelyn Rudie, Lorne Greene & Anne Seymour

Produced by: Charles Brackett   Directed by: Jean Negulesco

DVD Details: Widescreen, Color, 101 minutes
The Gift Of Love DVD
In this remake of 1946's Sentimental Journey, Lauren Bacall stars as Julie, who upon learning she hasn't long to live, adopts a young girl Hitty, so that her husband Bill will never be lonely. After his wife's death, however, the grief stricken and pragmatic Bill grows weary of Hitty, who prefers to live in a fantasy world. Hitty claims to receive guidance from Julie's spirit, but Bill refuses to accept such a possibility and returns her to the orphanage. Feeling lonely and unwanted, Hitty runs away looking to find Julie with whom she was happy. It takes a dangerous situation for Bill to realize that Hitty truly is a gift and he needs her just as much as she needs him.
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