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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I place an order with

Simply complete and submit the Order Form provided here. We will respond to your request as soon as possible with further instructions and payment options. If you have not heard from us within 48 hours it is possible that your spam filter is blocking our emails.

2.  Do you ship to all destinations?

Yes!  We ship worldwide and welcome all International customers.

3.  How are shipping rates determined?

We use the USPS website to determine accurate shipping charges to save you money. We will not add any outrageous surcharges or handling fees to your order. All DVDs are shipped from New York by USPS Media Mail within the United States and by Air Mail to International destinations.

4.  What are the shipping charges for DVDs?

Within the US:  $3.00 for 1 DVD, $4.00 for 2 DVDs, $5.00 for 3-4 DVDs.
To Canada:  $13.95 for up to 2 DVDs and $20.95 for 3-9 DVDs.
To all other destinations:  $18.00 for up to 2 DVDs and $29.00 for 3-9 DVDs.

Shipping charges on larger orders will be accurately determined at point of sale based on exact shipping costs.

5.  How long will it take for my DVDs to arrive?

Average delivery time to the United States is approximately 10-14 days after receipt of payment. International delivery can take up to 3 weeks. Of course, we will do our best to process your orders as fast as possible whenever we can.

6.  What is the quality of your Collector DVD-Rs?

All our Collector DVD-Rs come from the best possible source, this includes, but is not limited to, Warner Archives, Fox Cinema Archives, MGM Limited Edition and Sony Pictures Choice Collection. Image and sound quality varies from slightly better than VHS to studio DVD quality.

7.  Do your Collector DVD-Rs have any special features?

Collector DVD-Rs come with menu and chapter stops, but no chapter index. All DVD-Rs are in the English language with no subtitles or closed-captions. Standard DVD cases and artwork are included.

8.  Do you have a return policy?

Defective DVDs will be exchanged for the same item. We will only replace defective discs. We do not accept returns for any other reasons. Playability of all DVDs are guaranteed, however, some Collector DVD-Rs may not play in PC drives or recorders.

9.  What if a title I am looking for is not listed on your website?

Feel free to contact us with your wantlists. We will search for and try to special order any title you are interested in.